Cooling Wear

Cooling Wear (by SUN-S Co. Ltd.):

  • The Leader in Fan-Equipped-Clothing
  • Two Million Units Sold in Japan
  • Low Cost Cooling System
  • Drastically Reduces Heat Stress
  • Safe and Reliable Japanese Battery

Test Board Sockets

Sun-S USA designs and manufactures, High Performance Electromechanical Interface Solutions. We offer a full portfolio of products to provide Test solutions for ATE, System Level Test, Production Testing, Thermal Management systems, Gb-Interface solutions. Leveaging the 30 years of combined experience within our Team, we offer our customers the unique aproach, not selling a product but creating a partnership to turn Ideas into reality.

Ion Power S

Caring for bowling balls is very important for its performance and longevity.
“Ion Power S” cleaner can remove oil and dirt on the ball surface with the power of alkaline electrolysis and ion, using the super technology of semiconductor wafer cleaning.
You will feel the difference once you use it!

Camera Module and It’s Production Services

  • Sales of  CA378-AOIS Camera Module.
    • Sony CIS IMX378
    • 4K2K@60fps, 1080p@240fps
    • OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)
  • Camera Module Production Services in Vietnam.